Carpet, Tile, Upholstery, & Air Duct Cleaning

We are proud to be the top contractors in Phoenix and surrounding cities for carpet, tile, upholstery, and air-duct cleaning. We are certified, bonded and insured, providing service to all residential and commercial properties. We know that earning your trust means doing a complete and thorough job on each visit. Our quality control ensures that you receive the peace of mind that you deserve. Even if you are only looking for a one time cleaning or if you are moving in or out of a home. We are ready to tackle any carpet or hard floor surface challenge and deliver results you can see and feel.

Carpet Cleaning

We use a dual process method that cleans deeper than traditional carpet cleaners using only a pre-spray. We aim to loosen heavy soil, dirt and stains to the surface in order to hot steam rinse and extract.

Tile Cleaning

We specialize in tile and grout cleaning and stone cleaning and restoration. We use the highest quality techniques and equipment to provide transformational results.

Upholstery Cleaning

We apply a similar process to our upholstery as we do our carpets, ensuring to deep clean and truly lift the dirt off and away. We use the highest quality equipment and solutions to ensure your furniture is good as new.

Carpet & upholstery

Our 5-Step Clean Process

We have worked to perfect this process for the carpets and upholstery we clean in Phoenix and surrounding since 2003.

Step 1.

We use an allergenic vacuum CRI approved (picks up dust particles).

Step 2.

We pretreat the carpet stains.

Step 3.

We use a buffer with 15in soft brush, which pre agitates the carpet to loosen up heavy soil.

Step 4.

Truck mounted system that includes a hot steam rinse with dirt and soil extraction.

Step 5.

Final application of fabric rinse (a neutralizer) and deodorizer, which leaves your carpets soft. No residue will be left in your carpet.

airduct cleaning

In most Phoenix homes, indoor air quality is a concern, especially during seasonal changes where dust, mold, or pollen might increase.

  • We go in with a special camera to determine how the airducts look in order to best proceed with our cleaning process.
  • We use a RotoBrush Beast, our favorite tool that has a variety of brushes and brush sizes.
  • Our staff is specifically trained to best use the RotoBrush. It has a bristled spinner that sucks while simultaneously brushing up dirt and contaminates. There are different vacuum settings as well as brushes a variety of brushes for newer and older homes. The more aggressive bristle is used to capture more dirt in older homes.