Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Professional epoxy installation in the Phoenix Arizona and surrounding area.

Epoxy Coatings in Phoenix

Epoxy resin coatings are one of the trendiest flooring options in Phoenix due to their affordability, longevity, and uniqueness. Garage coatings are a popular choice due to the many benefits that come from having flakes or quartz in your garage.

They are a great flooring solution for both commercial and residential spaces. From their resistance to oil/ chemical stains, to the easy maintenance, it’s a given that these floors are often requested.

We are qualified and certified for installing all types of epoxy floors in Phoenix and surrounding cities, such as flake, quartz, metallic, glitter, and logo/ vinyl.

benefits of epoxy coatings

Beyond their beautiful appearance, epoxy coatings boast many benefits that most traditional floors do not.


When epoxy resin cures, it has a non-porous surface, meaning there is no space for germs or bacteria to accumulate. Its seamless nature also prevents mold or dirt build-up.


Resin when cured and installed correctly, is rock-hard and can withstand heavy foot-traffic and forklifts. It also absorbs shock from heavy items that may drop onto it.

completely customizable

The favorable part of epoxy floors is that they are fully customizable. From color and design to slip-resistance, we are here to ensure the outcome is both beautiful and functional.

Flake Epoxy

Epoxy coatings, the most popular choice for garages, are made up of vinyl/ paint chips that are broadcasted 1-2 times over a base-coat and sealed with a topcoat. Flake is popular in garages, basements, home-gyms, or commercial places due to its remarkably strong surface and water-proof nature. There are endless options when it comes to customizing, from flake size to color of blends.

Quartz Epoxy

Quartz consists of a fine silica sand that is broadcasted in the same way as flake, sealed with a clear top-coat. The small, sharp silica sand particles add texture and resistance to the epoxy coating, making the floors highly scratch and slip resistant. They make a great choice for commercial kitchens, ramps, or places prone to slippage.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic or marble floors are the most well-know and sought after finishes, due to their mesmerizing and one-of-a-kind look. Application starts with a basecoat, then a metallic pigment that has been mixed with a clearcoat is poured in ribbons on top of the base-coat. As epoxy cures, it levels out, revealing unique waves and ribbons that can resemble marble, at 1/3 of the cost of expensive stones.

Glitter Epoxy

A beautiful choice for spaces that you want to feel incredibly unique, choose from our large variety of glitter colors.

Industrial Flake

Safe and efficient choice for warehouses and auto-shops.

Solid Color

A simple, white base color is always a strong contestant in commercial or pop-up settings.


The most popular style of metallic is the marble-resembling kind with grey, white, black tones.